Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the bricks come tumbling down....

Well, the remission was good while it lasted.Tuesday the second, my knuckles flared, and by Wednesday night I started having pain in my lower cervical vertebrae. Tried all the tools in my box of tricks...nothing calmed that neck pain for more than an hour or so. Saturday I was a mess. My neck hurt so bad I could barely move. I drove to the urgent care center where they took xrays and told me I had arthritis in my c-spine. The doctor that did my exam said he'd never seen a cervical vertebra feel so hot before. He prescribed a larger dose prednisone dose pack, keep taking my pain meds and use ice/heat whatever felt good.Spent the weekend in bed, I was having headaches form the neck pain.
Monday I couldn't really feel a difference, so I called the rheumatologist and was able to get in Tuesday am. By then my whole back was spasming from sleeping funny and guarding my neck. I could barely get up off the sofa. My
rheumy was very surprised to see, as I had been there March first and was perfect.
Tuesday's appointment really didn't get me anything other than a prescription for Flector patches (voltaren in a 12 hour patch) Thank goodness they had samples, because the pharmacy had to order it. (and now that I have them they don't help all that much!)
It's now been two and a half weeks. Thankfully my neck has calmed down somewhat, and my back is slightly more forgiving (Thanks to the fine folks at Massage Envy and physical therapy.)
I was so happy in was so nice to step out of bed in the morning without sore feet or having aching fingers for a change. For the most part my fingers and toes are still 95% painless, but I can tell they are more swollen and stiff.
The relief of having no pain for wa hile also meant I was more independant. My son did not have to come over and carry in the heavy groceries or housekeeping. I actually felt like I was on top of everything for a change. I realize now that maybe I was overdoing it. I still don't know what caused the neck flare, but know it was surely the most painful flare I ever had. The neck still gets sore from typing or when I look down, but I have been able to work this week, and hope to get a little done in the yard tomorrow while the weather is good.
All for now...gentle hugs!

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